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Wedding Music Packages

Kevin O'Sullivan

Wedding music is one of the most integral parts of the wedding experience. The wedding music and song choices provide a special atmosphere and the feeling that captures every single moment. I have performed the length and breadth of the Country and the satisfaction from hearing people’s reaction to the music is an amazing feeling.

Now more than ever the importance and appreciation of live music and singing has never been more apparent.

I cannot guarantee perfect weather! But I can guarantee the highest class of sound, and a passion in singing your songs and help make your day even more wonderful. I am fully insured for public liability, and I have several amazing musicians to call upon just in case the worst happens, and I break a finger! (Never happened this far)! In addition to musicians, I also have a fantastic network of other vocalists that I can add to the line-up and add even more dept if you require.

Like any wonderful occasion, a wedding has many parts that make up the day as a whole. Each section being unique in themselves, having their own feel and place.

  • Ceremony music is a lush blend of beautiful hymns and some of your personal choices that make your day and ceremony so meaningful. From Walking up the aisle, lighting the marriage candles, to the blessed Communion and signing of the register, the music echoes the beautiful ceremony arrangements as it does in all ceremony types.
  • Civil ceremonies, spiritual and humanist ceremonies all have a fantastic feel with the right music chosen to enhance the overall atmosphere. I have many packages that accommodate all Wedding ceremony types and wonderful reviews from extremely happy couples that express this perfectly. Within my music packages you can choose the music for each section of your day as well as customise the music and tailor it to whatever you desire.

This really gives your day a unique and personal feeling and touch that reflects every stage and reflects your own personal style. Giving you complete control of your music on your day, as well as taking the stress out of searching for or different suppliers and being able to book a multiple wedding music package easily and with one click.

Civil Or Church Ceremony Music Only (Package 1)

The Church Wedding Ceremony is a wonderful occasion. And what a better way to celebrate your very special day with music and singing that fits perfectly and means something to you.

I have a passion for singing and I am delighted to have sang for very happy couples up and down the Country. Every song is an opportunity for me to connect with you and your guests and It is such a privilege and joy to sing these amazing songs.

The Wedding Church Ceremony is and always will be a beautiful occasion. I love to lightly play the guitar in the background as your guests fill the Church and I am blessed with a vocal range to be able to sing every genre.

The Catholic Church wedding music arrangement is as follows:

  • Processional Song
  • Lighting of the Candles (instrumental)
  • Responsorial Psalm
  • Alleluia
  • Lighting of Marriage Candles (instrumental)
  • Offertory procession
  • Communion
  • Signing of the Register
  • Recessional

The Civil Ceremony and Spiritual or Humanist ceremonies have a unique feel to them all of their own. More laid back than a traditional Church Ceremony, the Civil Ceremony is usually shorter in length but no less emotional and beautiful.

The Civil Ceremony music tends not to be Hymn based but rather a collection of songs that have a special meaning to the Bride and groom. There are lots of different ways of incorporating music into the ceremony and I would suggest as much live music as possible. I would be playing lightly as your guests arrive and create a relaxed feel good atmosphere.

Usually there would be:

  • Entrance song
  • Song after a reading
  • A song during specific gestures such as “Hand knotting” and “mixing of sand”
  • Instrumental pieces can be spread around the Ceremony
  • Signing of the Register
  • Recessional

Features include all features of Package 1

Here is some Music from My Civil / Church Wedding Repetoir

Pre-Dining Reception (Package 2)

The Pre-Dinner drinks wedding reception is a perfect opportunity to entertain your guests while they acclimatise themselves to the Hotel or venue and settle in to the surroundings.

There would be a good two hour gap from when your Ceremony finishes, guests arrive and your evening meal is served. I will entertain your guests as they arrive and relax. I am sure they will enjoy sipping their Champagne, prosecco or drinks of their choice and a nibble before a beautiful dinner. The Bride and Groom, free to enjoy your photos being taken and meeting and greeting your guests upon your arrival.

The music would be a varied arrangement of songs from my vast repertoire.

Having built my song list up after many years of performing and perfecting my repertoire to suit and accommodate each part of your Wedding day and musical experience.

I gauge the audience and tailor the songs as necessary to cater for your guest tastes and mood and ensure the mood being set for the rest of the evening.

Here is some Music from My Pre-Dining Repetoir

Main Wedding Reception Music (Package 3)

The Main Wedding Reception wedding music is the soundtrack of your wedding ceremony. It sets a romantic atmosphere and allows guests to take part in the joy of your happiness. Music helps to relax people and put them at ease.

Music will really set the mood on your wedding day and I will discuss all aspects with you and ensure that your guests will remember the joy of the singing and the songs long after the occasion. They might not remember what they had for a starter, but they will definitely remember the wedding music and the joyous feeling!

The meals and speeches now done, its time to party! Let the hair down and truly enjoy the moments, your first dance, friends and family smiling and clapping, and having the craic!

I aim to energises the crowd and make a great party atmosphere. Music amplifies the happiness of the couple’s newlywed status, and gets everyone in the mood to celebrate. My professional wedding solo set up creates a festive vibe and keeps the party going.

I know how to get your guests out of their seats and keep them on their feet until it’s time to go home! Music brings us all together and helps guests loosen up. Dancing, meeting new people and exchanging smiles and conversation between those just met.

I am a Professional musician and I know how to give your guests (regardless of age) – a fun and happy time. With musical repertoires, playing anything from the classics up to modern party music. While some musicians stick to the planned setlist in a rigid way – I carefully monitor the mood of the audience and adjust their repertoire accordingly.

Your guests having had a great time on the dance floor, will talk about it for years to come, guaranteed! And a perfect atmosphere and mood, your big day will be one for the books!

And, in the years that follow, you’ll feel that song your wedding day, and it will transport you right back onto the dancefloor, Church and moments that will be unique to you.

Here is some Music from My Main Wedding Reception Repertoir

Fully Customised & Additional Services

I offer a fully customised Wedding Music Package service tailored to meet your specific needs, which can be applied to any aspect of your big day and also a Day After Party Music Service.

I am also sometimes available for overseas International Wedding Singing events. See below for further information of these services.

Custom Reception

The Custom Reception Package

International Ceremonys

Details for International Ceremonys