The Joys of Making this Website

The Joys of Making this Website

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There are so many subjects that I could write about in my first blogs on this new site, so many wedding experiences, musically and otherwise that I have felt passionate about!

But for me, I guess the best place to start is actually with the creation and work that went into the building of this site that you are now on.

Working with one of the most creative and innovative web designers in the country has its really opened up eyes to many aspects of the wedding industry and the level of detail that goes into a fresh new website.

The guys in Trans IT solutions were so helpful and they guided me through every step, it really was a pleasure to deal with them.

I’ve been involved in the music scene for over 20 years, and now, more than ever, and in light of the struggles we have all faced the past 20 months I realize even more just how important music is for us all.

With this in mind, it was critical for me in having a website with colour and flavour.

Something unique,  as well as being as highly functional and user friendly as possible.

The lads nailed it.

Each passing week my excitement grew, and my expectations far exceeded.

I believe with my site, now “live” that navigating your way around is an enjoyable and informative experience. I hope you agree, each section having its own feel and texture.

Recording songs, writing text, putting myself in a newly engaged couples shoes, it gave me a fresh perspective on the industry and my approach to it.

Being creative and innovative is always challenging but ultimately so satisfying!

Well, anyway, I just wanted to share my experience with you and extend my sincerest thanks to Cormac Moore and all the gang at Trans IT!