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Wedding Music FAQ’s

With so many different Services and suppliers that need to be arranged for your special day it is easy for one to become overwhelmed. All the aspects and decisions to be made, the process can become quite stressful for you! However, your music for your big day should be nothing other than a fun, rewarding and immersive experience.

Having the facility on this website makes this page very helpful and informative. Information and tips regarding any questions you may have not only about music on your Wedding day, you may indeed find something new that you have not thought of before, or something that you need clarification on.

As a wedding supplier of many years and vast experience I have built up many contacts and knowledge of the how a wedding occasion is structured, so feel free to check out my FAQ page. I hope that you find it useful and find answers to some of your questions. And of course, do not hesitate to contact me directly as I will happily answer your queries in person, email or over the phone to the best of my abilities.

Happy planning!

General Questions

Yes, I will provide details of upcoming events or gigs.
Of course, I would happily meet up and be available to work with you at any point.
The earlier the better to enable any preparation in learning songs. Usually at least a month in advance.
I would arrive 1 hour in advance as this allows plenty of time to setup equipment and be ready for the ceremony start time.
I provide all necessary sound equipment. This gives me a consistent reliable sound that is of top quality.
Yes, this will be weather dependent but I will be happy to work with you on this.

About Ceremony Music Selection

I have a vast set list and happily learn songs not on my list. For Church Ceremony your Priest should be consulted on songs outside of Hymns.
Yes, I have worked with many wonderful musicians and would happily arrange this for you if requested.
A traditional church ceremony will require you to choose 7-10 pieces of music. Wedding singers will normally have a set list that you can choose from. For a civil wedding ceremony you are not required to select as many; this is generally in the region of 4-6 pieces of music.
Yes, I will do my best to accommodate the songs that you love and gladly learn new pieces.

About Bookings, Deposits and Payment of Balance

A 50 Euro Deposit secures the date. I will email a confirmation of payment.
The Balance can be paid via Bank Transfer or payment on the day in cash is fine.

About Reception Music

Yes I provide a 2 hour reception service and have package deal discounts.
Yes, I have accommodated many Bride and Grooms family members of friends in accompanying me for a song during the Ceremony.