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Custom Wedding / Reception Music Singing

Kevin O'Sullivan

I offer a fully customised Wedding Music Package service that is unique and gives you total control over each musical aspect of your day.

You can tailor each music service to meet you specific needs. They can be applied to any aspect of your big day as well as a Day After Party Music Service.

A major stumbling block regards music can unfortunately be the high cost of individual services. It all adds up so quickly. From booking your Ceremony Singer, your Ceremony musicians, Pre-Dining Act, Main Reception music or band, DJ, and the ever fashionable Day After Party the cost can be quite considerable.

This is where my custom option can really come into play. It not only gives massive savings financially, but it also saves a huge amount of time and research and with no trade off in quality. My reviews and testimonials lend to this, and give you peace of mind that all your music needs booked are provided for with the highest standards.

Customise Your Wedding Reception

I have many packages that accommodate all Wedding Ceremony types and wonderful reviews from extremely happy couples that express this perfectly. Be it a traditional Church Wedding with beautiful hymns and classic music, or, a Civil Ceremony with more contemporary music. All styles are covered and special requests, are always catered for where ever possible. In my custom option you can choose a variety of different combinations of musical services. As well as this, you can choose to add an extra* vocalist or more musicians.

I provide both vocal and guitar and my experience, vocal range and dedication are my passion. However if for example a couple wished to add a Female vocalist, or even a pianist, or Cellist to the music then these are all catered for where available and costing would be discussed privately.

The music packages you can choose for each section of your day as well as customising the the sound really tailor it to whatever you desire. This makes your Wedding day music unique and extra special. Your own personality and feeling reflects every stage and gives the day your own personal style. Having complete control of your music on your day, as well as taking the stress out of searching for or different suppliers and being able to book a multiple wedding music package easily and with one click.

Custom Wedding Ceremony Singing And Reception Options

With the Custom Wedding Reception option you can pick and choose from a combination of wedding music services such as “Ceremony and Pre-Dining Wedding Reception Music”, this is the most popular package.

The choices of services are as follows:

  • Church Ceremony
  • Civil Ceremony (Spiritual/Humanist)
  • Pre Dining Reception
  • Main reception
  • Day After Party
  • International Wedding Ceremonies And Events

Add an additional:

  • Male Vocalist
  • Female Vocalist
  • Guitarist
  • Pianist
  • Cellist
  • Harpist
  • DJ (I have an outstanding and hugely experienced DJ who I work with)

*when booking addition musicians booking in advance is advised

Imaginative Options

Give your guests a unique and unforgettable experience

A bit of planning and a bit of imagination goes a long long way

Your Big Day ~ YOUR WAY

Some of the Entertainment Options

Kevin O'Sullivan

Rehearsed Duets / Singalongs

Another customer service which I can provide is the unique and personal opportunity to have a member of your family or close friend sing at your ceremony alongside me. All I would need is the song and a rough idea of the key they would be singing in, and I will happily work with them. This is something that I have regularly done in the past I would normally arrange a call or meeting with the person before the ceremony and go through the song as best we can, this really does make things very personal and memorable for you and your guests.

Seeing a familiar, loving face and hearing a loving voice on your wedding day ceremony just feels very special and this option is available, as I say I have had this opportunity in the past numerous times and it was my pleasure to arrange this if it is something that you would love to have as part of your very special day.

Mix and matching these services in any way you wish and saving you money and time. I have had amazing feedback and some of the savings that couples have told me they made are astonishing. Indeed in some cases the cost of the band alone quote being more expensive than all of my packages combined!

Another aspect if applying a combination of services in your day is the personal relationships that get built throughout the day with you guests. Some of the very best experiences I have had where performing at several times during the day and day after. The guests get to know me, and I get to know them!

I am a people person, again this is heavily reflected in my testimonials, and the repertoire that gets created with your Guests and family just makes for a wonderful atmosphere and relaxed feeling.

Custom Personalised Music Recordings

Another unique and very personal aspects of your music that I can offer is a one off professional recording of one of your Ceremony songs that you have chosen!

Many times newlyweds and guests have asked me if it would be possible to do this I am extremely happy and proud to be able to say that this is a beautiful addition that I can provide. I use fantastic vocal studio and I dedicate a day to record the song you love and if requested I can dedicate this song on the track/CD to you guys.

This is something that I have been contacted in the past many times from either guests or one of the newlyweds to record their song as a “gift” for their new husband or wife and the feedback regards this service has been just overwhelming and positive The recording and the CD would be a one off and unique and an absolutely personal recording just for you, I will also send it as a MP3 file so this piece of music will last forever, this is an additional service that I pride myself on being able to do and if you feel this is something you would like to avail of now, or even sometime after your special day then please contact me and I will provide all the necessary details and pricing.

Day After Parties

Kevin O'Sullivan

Your day will always be remembered, and your own experience and memories will always be so special to one another. But why end the the good times there!

That last dance doesn’t have to be the end of the celebration. There will always be guests who refuse to let the good times end lol, so, if it is something you have been thinking about, or recently heard of, then a day after party may be perfect for your Wedding. It is not just a way to prolong the experience, it is another way and opportunity to fully encapture every minute of your once in a life time occasion. Its your wedding!

I have a wealth of experience in performing at day after parties for over 15 years. They really can be very special. With everyone completely relaxed and reminiscing about the amazing Wedding they were all a part of the day before. I tailor my one man show to reflect your own personalities and ensure a wonderful celebration is carried off in style. Some of the best gigs I have ever played have been the day after party for a wedding. There is just something really unique, really special about them.

The pressure off, guests mixing and the Newly Weds relishing in the moment and reflecting on a wonderful time in their lives. I offer special combined rates with other Wedding music services, or book me to perform at your day after party as a stand alone event. Fun is the name of the game at the day after party and the relaxed atmosphere makes this occasion one that is growing fast as couples hear about success of this fantastic service.

A generous discount offer applies to the combination packages and they are really great value for money. I can also add another musician or singer if requested. I have worked with many fantastic musicians from classical style guitarists to seasoned pianists who add even more depth and flavour to your day.

International Weddings and Corporate Events

Having gained so much invaluable experience and built up countless contacts I have been invited to sing all over the World. With the power of social media and the connection in modern world, my voice has happily traveled far beyond the reach of our beautiful Emerald Isle.

I have had the pleasure and opportunity to perform at weddings and corporate events across the globe. I have received so many inquiries via my website over the years from client’s and couples asking if I can Perform overseas for them. I have been blessed to see so many wonderful places making magical memories in different cities and countries engaging in what I was born to do and have such a Passion for. From New York, to Marbella, Germany, Italy and the UK, I have sang at some amazing venues and stages.

Being a solo performer, travelling couldn’t be easier and sometimes all I need is my guitar my voice and my Passion. I liase in great detail with the potential client or couple and also with the venue in ensuring that every minute detail is covered and nothing is left to chance, Value for money and the highest quality sound is paramount.

Again I feel so grateful and blessed to be bestowed with a talent that transcends borders of countries and brings everyone together. Music being the universal language we all love so dear.

It is just an awe inspiring experience to witness the coming together of different cultures when I sing and the joy on people’s faces is the same the World over and how wonderful it is being a part of this priceless experience.

Any details regards International wedding or events can be provided upon request.


Many thanks to all who leave me feedback. I really do appreciate your votes of confidence.

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